Annual General Meeting

MONDAY JAN 26, 2015

Once again, the Friends of the Broadway Theatre, Inc invite you to our AGM. There will be NO lions or elephants, no juggling or high wire acts. There WILL be some interesting facts and figures about the only truly Community-Owned arts and culture centre in Saskatoon. The free popcorn will make this event even more cool.

Doors open at 6.30pm, AGM starts at 7pm sharp. If you wish to vote on anything you must be a member - $20 memberships available at sign-in. If you are not a member but want to come ? please do! This is the one time each year we get to look back at what your theatre has done - both financially and artistically. We look forward to your presence!

If you’ve been to the Broadway Theatre recently,
you may have noticed some changes.
New sales equipment, a new ticket printer and
a pair of slick laser scanners bring our community theatre
up to speed with other venues of its calibre and size.

 Behind the scenes, a new office computer
and state-of-the-art design software equip our
office team with even better tools to bring
you quality arts and culture programming. 

These upgrades were made possible through funding from SaskCulture
and Saskatchewan Lotteries
- we are grateful for their support!

  Due to its prime location, unique history and its commitment to cultural entertainment, the Broadway Theatre has the potential to promote the many facets of Saskatchewan's multi-cultural community. The Theatre provides diverse programming for people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and special needs, and promotes the use of the Theatre by many cultural and social organizations for special screenings, ethnic film festivals, and special events (i.e. concerts). As such, the Theatre is at once a community cultural centre and a window on the world.